The RESET Movement is an initiative of BASF Automotive, which aims to help professionals and companies in this market to reduce the impacts of the current COVID-19 crisis, reinventing themselves and finding new ways to overcome this very challenging moment.

Although we are physically separated, technology allows us to be connected, joining forces to reach the new normal as soon as possible. For this, we have defined 4 pillars on which we will direct this movement:

- RESET People: a new way of developing
- RESET Partnerships: a new way of collaborating
- RESET Innovation: a new way of thinking
- RESET Conscious: ua new way of acting

Come and be part of the RESET Movement and help us to continue moving the automotive industry!


RESET People
A new way of developing

How to deal with the moment we are going through and continue to develop professionally?

Faced with such a challenging moment, we need to reinvent ourselves. And we want to be with you on this new journey! Therefore, in this pillar you will be able to check content, consultancy and discussions about career, personal development, financial guidance, mindfulness and much more. partnerships.

RESET Partnerships
A new way of collaborating

More than ever, we need to be together!

We are often able to impact a limited number of people. However, when we collaborate with each other, in addition to contributing with more people, we are able to find new ways and solutions.
In this pillar you can also count on initiatives from our partners and customers. innovation

RESET Innovation
A new way of thinking

We want to share with you the knowledge and experience of our team!

Knowledge is even more valuable when shared.

Thus, we have prepared various contents and technical discussions to contribute to your professional development, even if from a distance.

RESET Conscious
A new way of acting

This moment of change makes us reflect on tomorrow!

Thinking about sustainability and health care was already on the agenda of many companies, and especially consumers. However, with the emergence and advancement of the pandemic around the world, we started to take an even closer look at caring for others and ourselves. Therefore, we have prepared different materials, content and discussions where we can think together how to take more conscious actions!



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